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Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Group (Kawamura Group)
Professor : Hikaru Kawamura
Associate Professor : Satoshi Yukawa
Assistant Professor : Kazushi Aoyama
Research area

There are a variety of materials in nature, which interact and cooperate to form more complex systems. We are theoretically tackling the problems of these interacting many-body systems, from atoms and molecules on microscopic scale to the earth and space on macroscopic scale. Two of our main current subjects are phase transition phenomena of various materials and earthquake phenomena as a stick-slip frictional instability of faults. We regard these phenomena as cooperative ones exhibited by many-body interacting systems, and investigate the problems from the statistical-mechanical standpoint, mainly by using computer simulations.

1) Numerical simulations of the statistical model of earthquakes: Study of physics of earthquakes caused by a stick-slip frictional instability, based on the law of friction.
2) Study of the ordering process and slow dynamics of random and glass systems: Phase transitions and slow dynamics of spin glasses.
3) Statistical physics of frustration: Study of the ordering of frustrated magnets, such as pyrochlore magnets, with strong geometrical frustration.
4) Computational study of nonequilibrium dynamical phenomena.
5) Study of the vortex order and phase diagram of superconductors, especially, high-Tc superconductors with enhanced effects of fluctuations.

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