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Extreme Ecobiophysics Group (Tokunaga Group) Research
Professor : Fumio Tokunaga
Associate Professor : Osamu Hisatomi, Chihiro Yamanaka
Research Associate : Mitsumasa Koyanagi
Correspondence : Fumio Tokunaga (
Research area
1) Mechanism of photoreception by biological molecules
2) Behavior of organisms and bio-molecules in the extreme conditions
3) Regeneration of vertebrate retinas
4) Evolution of biomolecules and habitats of animal species
5) Origin and diversity of photo-reception systems in organisms
6) Modules for construction of biological tissues (see figure)
7) Electron spin resonance (ESR)/ femtosecond laser spectoroscopy
8) Effects of shock-waves on biomlecules
9) Relation between environmental electromagnetic field and natural phenomena
    Our group is also a member of the Department of Bioscience, Graduate School of Scinece, and studying interaction between environments and biosystems (mainly photoreceptors and phototransduction systems). Moreover, we attempt to clarify the relationships between geophysical phenomena and life on earth, and to improve the methods for measuring the geophysical environments.

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